Saskatchewan Needs General Practitioners and Specialists! 

This website is primarily setup to help practitioners who are currently practising in Australia or New Zealand to come and practise in Saskatchewan, Canada.  If you are practising elsewhere in the world and you think you meet the prerequisites, send me an email and I will try to help as much as I can.  If you have a medical degree from the United States, South Africa, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, or Ireland I can also offer assistance. While the service I provide here is free, there are some expenses in coming to Saskatchewan (see Rough Costs for more information on this).  At this time I am only helping doctors come to Saskatchewan: it is a very beautiful place to live and work, and I personally recommend it above the other provinces.

If you are a specialist, your recruitment process is a little less involved. It will be of benefit if you email us with an attached CV, as depending on your specialty we can indicate the steps that you may be able to avoid, making the process faster and easier.

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