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  Medical Recruitment Software Providers in Australia


Voyager is the leading provider of the recruitment software for all over Australia. As an IT development company, Voyager always believed in innovating with respect to software products. Their focus is always on how to deliver the tangible solutions to their clients as well as render rapid deployment and return on investment. The products from Voyager Company span across all the aspects of recruitment landscape. This can be anything from the front office to the back office and even the bureau. By causing a proper combination of the recruitment software products from Voyager, which is all integrated, it is possible to have a very strong track of delivery of solutions that can drive the vertical markets. The recruitment software product range focuses on all aspects of the company’s relationship.

This keeps them well established with their clients and candidates who heavily rely on the use of Voyager software for various industry recruitment needs including that of the medical recruiting industry. The products and customer care are one of the oldest and well experienced being one of the oldest in the business, and this fact is very well evident from the kind of service provided to their clients in case of support. The recruitment software from Voyager is a great asset to any recruitment agency or a company. This company also makes an offering of the complete hosted solution which is termed as the Virtual Voyager. The products from Voyager are all available without any hassles involved for the subscription basis, it can be on-demand as per clients requirements.


Reliability, Performance and Success are the three keywords that FastTrack recruitment software thrives upon. FastTrack is the first recruitment software provider in Australia of its kind that comprehensively addressed the core business needs of various industries pertaining to recruitment including the medical industry. The ongoing developments of software in this company made it to launch two master products eventually, i.e. SkillsBase and Recruitment Manager as their primary products to be marketed to deliver business value. These products are running successfully at more than over 600 client locations. Thus FastTrack is the largest provider of the core business applications for the recruitment industry that governs the jobs and vacancies in Australia and Asia.

The functionality of their business products increases the competitive edge, build profitability as well as flawlessly meet the needs of the clients in the dynamic recruitment world. FastTrack is very well responsive and responsible for their clients which gives them confidence to choose the software products. The best thing about using this company’s software products is that they can expect the software to be customized as per the any changes to the business processes or client requirements. Thus the products adapt to the evolution of the business needs. The flexible solutions can be implemented quickly and also effectively. The customization sort of FastTrack is very vast providing custom development methodology, conversion and customization, custom development and much more. All this can be dealt with in order to maximize the Return on Investment.

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